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Farhan Gutale Looks Forward to Doing Many Life-Saving Surgeries

Farhan Gutale Looks Forward to Doing Many Life-Saving Surgeries

KIU, Western Campus – When Farhan Gutale joined KIU for his Master’s of Medicine in Surgery in 2020, he had no idea what was awaiting him.

But now Gutale says he looks forward to doing so many life-saving surgeries because of the experience he has gotten during the time he spent doing the course.

“I got some Somalis who were in Ishaka some time back and they told me KIU is very good at teaching Master’s of Surgery and then I decided to join,” Gutale says.

“And because KIU has 7 regional referral hospitals that it collaborates with, it allowed me to practice more surgical cases and I got so much experience as a result,” he adds.

He says they were able to do a wide range of surgical operations, which widened their scope of study and allowed them to take care of many cases, something that equipped them with a lot of knowledge and skills.

He says he joined KIU because of its reputation as a very good private university and also an international one, with quality lecturers and equipment.

“KIU is considered the second-best university in Uganda and best private university and has people from different countries all over the world. It also has a big library which is well equipped and allowed me to read more,” Gutale remarks.

He says he advises fellow Somalis and any other person to join KIU for a good university education because they will be assured that they will get the best education that there is and also be assured about their future.

Gutale says he is planning on continuing with his studies as he also wants to be a good teacher to his students and also to help patients.

“I plan to be a good teacher and transfer all the knowledge I have to my students but also to help patients overcome the conditions they are diagnosed with,” he explains.

He thanks all professors, consultants and supervisors in KIU especially those from the Department of Surgery because they helped him a lot in the course of his studies.

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